The South China Morning Post is moving beyond a broadsheet. The way we create new editorial products must evolve, and it’s so much more than just shrinking text down to a five-inch screen. As consumer behaviours change at an accelerated pace, and as discovery options expand beyond traditional channels, we are committed to bringing our world-class journalism to our readers anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

The possibilities for journalism continue to expand, and our investments in digital technologies and research will allow the Post to lead in engaging reportage. New media formats, unrestricted by the dimensions of print, give us wide canvases on which to tell compelling stories. Data intelligence gives our coverage more depth and accuracy. And our growing video capabilities will allow the world to see and understand China with more texture and colour.

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The South China Morning Post has long been home to a world-class infographics team, and their work is recognised and celebrated often by global awards committees. As our newsprint has found even greater reach across digital platforms, our graphics expertise has stepped into digital formats. The magnitude of Belt and Road is best understood when you can see the expanse that it will cover. Global mobility finds new depth when data can uncover the power of your passport. And the history of Hong Kong comes alive when it unfolds in graphic vignettes and 360° videos.

The news industry is truly at an inflection point, and we are in a challenging yet exhilarating position to define the future of media. We are committed to New Possibilities through innovation, so that you, our reader, can understand the world in more meaningful ways.

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